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Medical Providers FAQs

MomentMD also allows you to connect with local providers through video consultations and messaging. We focus on improving and enhancing continuity of care, preventive medicine, and integrative medicine.

We welcome board-certified medical and dental physicians, veterinarians, and mid-level practitioners who are committed to high quality care with a focus on preventive and integrative medicine.


  • A computer with an internal or external camera. You can use a wide range of web browsers such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
  • A smartphone or tablet with the camera enabled and our app downloaded. We recommend using a stand for your phone or iPad during visits to keep the camera stable.

  1. Application review
  2. Screening Call
  3. Credential Verification
  4. Provider Approval
  5. Onboarding
  6. Activation

Yes, any provider using our platform must carry their own malpractice/liability insurance policy.


Telehealth App Reviews

It has been an absolute pleasure to work for MomentMD

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Telehealth App Reviews

I wholly recommend MomentMD to my fellow practicing physicians without reservation.

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Telehealth App Reviews

MomentMD allows me to supplement my income

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Dr. Fernandez
MD, Psychiatrist
Dr. Perlin

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